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Past Board Members

inge woolf profileInge Woolf is the Founding Director of the Holocaust Centre and was also its Chairperson from 2007 to 2013. She has a strong business background, and together with her husband Ronald Woolf, built up the firm Photography by Woolf, of which she is still a director. She has always been a leader in the voluntary sector having chaired organizations such as Jaycee Wives, WIZO, Zonta, and Arthritis New Zealand. Her expertise is in building a strong organization, with good team spirit, ties to the wider community and providing inspirational leadership. For services to the community she was awarded the New Zealand 1990 Commemorative Medal and in 1992, the Queen’s Service Order.
steven sedley profileSteven Sedley is the founding chairman of the Holocaust Centre. He is a retired bookseller, former teacher, and publisher. He is a writer, and book reviewer. His published works include a biographical essay of the German Jewish composer, Richard Fuchs, an account of the Jewish philanthropists, Max and Annie Deckston and their Jewish orphanage, and a chapter on New Zealand Jewish writers, in the book Jewish Lives in New Zealand. He was the founding chairman of the Hutt Valley Chamber Music Society, and former president of the Wellington Hebrew Congregation. He was a member of the Board of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand from its founding in 2007 to 2017. A child survivor of the Budapest ghetto, he is an active educator.
phillip green profilePhillip Green was the Co-Chair of the Board of the Holocaust Centre, along with Dr. Gigliotti during 2014-2015. His role includes assisting with complex decision making, particularly where strongly held differences of opinion require reconciliation. He is also a sounding board for the Co-Chair and the Director, and gives advice when called upon. He has been a board member since the inception of the HCNZ, and has extensive experience which includes both charitable trust and commercial boards.  As a barrister he has a particular interest in alternative dispute resolution, and holds various appointments including that of Adjunct Professor and Director of the Massey University Dispute Resolution Centre, Advisory Board Member to Bond University’s Dispute Resolution Centre, and NZ Representative to the Australian Arbitration Users Group.
dr simone gigliotti profileDr. Simone Gigliotti was Chairperson of the Board of the Holocaust Centre. She has held this position during 2013-2015 . Prior to her appointment she was on the board of the Holocaust Centre and from 2010-2012, the Wellington Holocaust Research and Education Centre. Dr. Gigliotti teaches in the History Programme at Victoria University of Wellington and has published widely in the field of Holocaust history, representation and memory. She brings to the board expertise in vision, strategic direction, education and research. She actively contributes to fulfilling the mission of the Holocaust Centre through teacher-training projects, university-centre partnerships, and exhibition development.
anna chapman profileAnna Chapman was a Board member during 2013-2015 and assists with research, international seminars, and events. From her upbringing in New Zealand, England and Malaysia, Anna is passionate about history, languages, and working with people from different backgrounds. She studied international relations and politics at Victoria University of Wellington, and graduated in 2012 with an Honours degree in history. Her thesis "Deconstructing Luck” examined the survival strategies of female Holocaust survivors who immigrated to New Zealand and won the Clare Galambos-Winter Prize in Holocaust Studies. In April 2014, Anna and Dr Simone Gigliotti co-curated the "Auschwitz to Aotearoa" exhibition based on her research. The exhibition, recently displayed at the HCNZ, asks the question: "How did these women survive?"
marco sonzogni profileDr. Marco Sonzogni was part of the Board of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand during 2014-2015 to help with fundraising, cultural and educational projects. He is a widely published academic, literary translator, poet and editor. Dr. Sonzogni currently works at Victoria University of Wellington as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Languages and Cultures teaching language and content courses in the Italian Programme, from first year to honours levels students. Dr. Sonzogni is the current Director of the New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation (2011-2015).
judith aitken profileDr. Judith Estranna Aitken has been a farmer, secondary school teacher, university lecturer, television current affairs presenter, author, journalist, speech therapy and drama teacher, consultant to NZ, Thai, Singaporean and Korean governments, community worker, public servant; and local body councillor. Dr Aitken has lived and worked in Wellington since 1968, mainly in the public sector, where she was a senior manager in Electricorp and the CEO of two government departments: the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Education Review Office. She has a PhD from Victoria University and a partially completed Diploma in Public Health. From 2007 Dr Aitken has chaired the Speakers Advisory Committee and its current successor, the Parliamentary Sector Advisory Board. She has been appointed as a member of several government reviews and commissions. Dr. Aitken has been active in a range of community, political and voluntary groups in Porirua and Wellington. She is also a member of the Carter Observatory Trust and the Citizenship Trust.
moshe malal profileMoshe Malal was a board member of The Holocaust Centre of New Zealand from 2013 - 2017. He was the organisation’s Treasurer, responsible for not only managing financial matters, but also reporting and advising on any fiscal concerns.   Moshe has extensive experience in the finance industry, and he also has wide-ranging experience as a budget manager, marketing manager and business analyst in the agriculture, export and cellular sectors. In addition, he also has an academic background as an economics researcher.
andrew cohen profileAndrew Cohen was the IT Director of the Holocaust Centre from 2013 - 2017, and continues to volunteer to look after the website, the office network, and advising on the use of cloud and software technology in Holocaust education and activities.  Andrew has developed software, and managed teams of developers for Oracle, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Westpac NZ, and Location Labs - a mobile application start-up recently acquired by AVG.   Andrew is a second-generation survivor who is committed to making sure the legacy of the Holocaust is kept alive to educate future generations.
Lisa Campbell Lisa Campbell (Ngāti Manawa) was a board member from 2016 - 2017, and is a teacher of Social Studies (Senior and Junior) and Classical Studies as well as Assistant Year 11 Dean at Hillcrest High School in Hamilton. Lisa has also been a Māori Student Mentor, where she works closely with Māori students at risk of not passing NCEA Level 2. She was selected to go on the 2015 Educators Trip to Yad Vashem, which she describes as a "life changing experience for me; I genuinely believe that it has not only had an impact on me as a teacher but as a human being. Not only did this seminar provide me with an amazing learning experience, but I’ve also made some incredible lifelong friendships." Lisa is passionate about teaching, and about Holocaust education.

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