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The displays focus on the Holocaust and New Zealand:

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  • Learn about the challenges refugees from Nazi Europe faced in New Zealand.

Letter to TVNZ Regarding Coverage of Mr Willi Huber

Here is the text of the HCNZ board's letter to TVNZ regarding recent coverage. A pdf version of the letter is available here.

28 August 2017 Dear Mr Muir

Re - Coverage of Mr Willi Huber on the Sunday programme screened on Sunday 27 August 2017

The Holocaust Centre of New Zealand’s goal is through testimony and experience we will inspire and empower individuals to stand against prejudice and apathy.

Your programme on Sunday surprised us and contradicts everything we stand for. It is commendable that Mr Huber helped create the Mt Hutt Ski Fields but the decision to glorify his involvement in the SS is unacceptable.

Willi Huber came over as an unapologetic Nazi SS soldier, who stills holds fond in the memories of Adolf Hitler. It is inconceivable that Mr Huber, who was part of the Hitler Youth, who volunteered for the SS and served on the front, can claim to know nothing of what happened to the Jews in Austria, Germany & Poland.

The programme went out of its way to glorify Mr Huber’s war effort as a SS soldier. Mr Bennett in his interview glossed over the systematic murder of 6 million Jews, homosexuals and other people considered undesirable by Nazi Germany. To add insult to our intelligence Mr Bennett was only too happy to accept Mr Huber’s unconvincing statement that he had no choice, there was nothing he could do and he did not know what was happening to the Jewish population.

Given the climate today, in which there is a great deal of antisemitism around the world and in which extreme right-wing parties that are xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic. The margins have moved closer to the centre of political life, it behooves responsible journalists and media outlets to take great care not to glorify Nazis, Nazism and Nazi crimes. Positive and uncritical representations of former SS men who served the Nazi regime, a regime that is responsible for the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust, the devastation of Europe and the deaths of tens of millions of others during its criminal reign, is outrageous. At best such representations imply a tremendous ignorance and at worst, attempts to promote an intentionally distorted version of history for political or ideological reasons. We call on TVNZ to make amends by airing material that will correct the distorted image created by the interview of Willi Huber on August 27th of this year.

In this environment how can we teach and encourage people to take individual responsibility for opposing prejudice in all of its forms, when your programme glorifies the role of the SS and allows Mr Huber to shrug off any responsibility.

We expect more from our broadcasters.

We expect a public apology to Holocaust survivors and descendants, Kiwis who have and continue to also contribute to New Zealand, for the irresponsible piece of journalism. We invite you to visit the centre and take the time to learn about the Holocaust and interview one of the few remaining survivors and to hear of their experiences during the war and of their contributions to NZ. We can put you in contact with one or two of these amazing individuals

We await your response


Jeremy Smith

Chairman of the Board

Holocaust Centre of New Zealand

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